Dance Shoes from Vans??

I get a lot of dancers that come to me and ask if I can take a comfortable pair of shoes and turn them into dance shoes. It really depends on the sole. Today I was given a pair of Vans to transform into dance shoes.

Dance shoes are equiped with a special sole that is made from suede or chrome leather. The suede helps provide a slick surface to help slide with ease.

I buy chrome leather by the hyde. It's easier to trace and cut than carry a varity of sizes.

Rough trace and cut.

The sole on a Vans shoe is already flat. I'll roughen it with the sander and take out any high spots.

After the soles are rough I'll apply two coats of barge cement.

After the glue is slightly tacky I'll lay them on top of the soles and put them in the press.

Once out of the press, I'll cut the excess off with a pair of leather shears and trim them flush with the sole and heel trimmer.

From there I clean them up and they're ready for the dance floor!


  1. I think the rubber corners would get caught or stick when trying to dance.

  2. This is great! Thank you! I've been wondering how to acheive this with a pair of Chuck Taylor's.

  3. Vinny, you're awesome! Congrats on the Craftzine feature today.

    Van's from experience aren't very sticky so I could totally see how you could dance in these and not get them caught when you dance. BeBop!

  4. that's cool. Always wondered how shoemakin' and fixin' goes.